Photography Portfolio

Our specialty is photographing jewelry. We start by looking at the intrinsic beauty and design of the piece and the style of shot that is required. If the campaign is to run in a holiday we consider subtle referencing concepts to tie the image to the holiday theme. Then we carefully compose our layouts to allow for negative space for ad copy and logo placement, and then assemble the lighting to create memorable and targeted images.

Our current portfolio contains images that we have captured for a variety of uses, from print media to the internet. Digital photography allows for rapid turnaround on image production, creating the opportunity to respond to tight deadlines and to create vivid content on short timetables. Our in-house creation of print ads and internet sites also allows for a tight creative integration of image and design, with no compromises in quality. Please review our portfolio for examples of our images.

Click on any of the images below to select them individually, or click on the first image and then click on the right or left side of each full size image to move through our portfolio.